Day 2 Italian (Italian American)

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Part 1:

Each student completes the following:


  • 1 recipe Basic Pasta Dough
  • Here is a great article on the science of pasta dough:
    • Divide the completed pasta dough into 2 pieces.
    • Use each piece to roll and then form the following  pasta shapes:
      • Pappardelle (Cut by hand.)
        • Roll the pasta dough to 1/16-inch thickness and cut into a 10-inch long sheet.
        • Use semolina to dust the pasta sheets to keep the pasta from sticking.
        • Fold the sheets of pasta into thirds and cut them into ½-inch slices for pappardelle.
        • Gently separate the noodles.
        • Make a pasta dish using these some or all of these ingredients:
          • Butter
          • Parmesan
          • Bacon
          • Basil
          • Tomatoes
          • Mushrooms
          • Stock
          • Cream
      • Ravioli di Ricotta

Part 2:

Each team of 4 students completes the following:






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