CHRM 1120 Day 6


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Part 1:

Each team of 4 students completes the following:

 Part 2:

Each student completes the following:

Then each student completes the one of the following using their mayonnaise:

Part 3:

Each team of 4 students prepares the following:

  • Prepare Mise en Place for Eggs Benedict:
    • 4 poached eggs, shocked and held refrigerated in ice be re-thermed at service
    • 1 pound asparagus, blanched and shocked and held for service
    • 4 slices of Canadian bacon, browned and hold for service
    • 2 English muffins (4 halves) prepared for toasting at service
    • 1 recipe Hollandaise Sauce

then…1 serving Eggs Benedict with Asparagus


Assigned Reading:





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