Egg & Breakfast Cookery

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Part I: Safety, Sanitation and Knife Skills, con’t.

  • Hand-Washing
  • Kitchen/Station Set-Up
  • Mise en Place
  • Knife Skills
    • Each student completes the following:

Part II: Egg and Breakfast Cookery

  1. Each group of 4 students prepares a “Breakfast Station” by assembling all the ingredients including prepared batters, cookware, tools and service ware at each cooking station.


  1. Each student completes the following:
    • Prepare 1 French Omelet and present on a large disposable plate
    • Prepare 1 Fried Egg, sunny-side up and present on a small disposable plate
    • Prepare 1 Poached Egg
    • Prepare 1 Shirred Egg
    • Prepare 3, 4-ounce Pancakes, and present on a large disposable plate
    • Prepare 3, Crêpes, rolled or folded and presented on a large disposable plate
    • Prepare 1 serving, French Toast, and present on a large disposable plate







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