Salads & Vinaigrettes


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Part 1: Safety, Sanitation and Knife Skills

  • Hand-Washing
  • Kitchen/Station Set-Up
  • Mise en Place
  • Introduction to Knife Skills
    • Selecting and Securing Cutting Boards
    • Knife Safety
    • Cleaning Knives
    • Storing Knives
    • Honing
    • Knife Grips
    • Chopping and Mincing
      • Garlic
      • Shallots
      • Parsley
    • Slicing
      • Rondelles (Carrot)
      • Bias Cut (Carrot)
      • Obliques (Carrot)
      • Chiffonade (Basil or Spinach)

Part 2: Salads and Salad Dressings

  1. Each student prepares the mise en place for the following recipes:
  2. Each student completes the following:
    • Prepare 1 cup of Vinaigrette and present in a disposable cup.
    • Prepare 1 cup of Mayonnaise and present in a disposable cup.
    • Prepare and dress a Mixed Green Salad and present on a large plate.
  3. Each group of 4 students completes the following:




  • Day 1 PowerPoint
  • CHRM 1030 Day 1: Practice Quiz

    This is a practice quiz. You may take this quiz as many times as you wish. Your results will be sent to your email.





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